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Our coverage of the Executing Social Media Conference continues as Dan Greenfield presents the Five Immutable Laws of Corporate Blogging and Alicia Dorset shares a corporate blogging case study for one of the largest companies in the world. Dan Greenfield, former VP of Corporate Communications at Earthlink and a self-proclaimed "recovering blogger", presents a set of laws that be believes should govern every instance of corporate blogging.

Five Immutable Laws of Corporate Blogging

# Blogs Evolve: A blog that represents one side of an organization's public face changes over time. When you go back and read through the archives of your company's blog, don't be surprised to see a progression of change. This assumes there is more than one post. # Applications and Authors Don't Matter, but Conversations Do: One thing that content management systems and CEOs have in common is that they often outlive their usefulness and need to be upgraded. Regardless of the platform that supports your company's blog or the people who write for the blog, the current and past conversations related to that blog are the key. # A Blog Must Engage Both the Reader and the Writer: A blog is only as good as the content it contains. If a blog is too watered-down or censored, no one will want to read it. If no one is reading, then no one will want to update it. And the cycle continues until the blog becomes irrelevant. # Corporate Blogging is Situational: When a company is in crisis, a blog can be the most important tool that a company has. However, it is also important that a conversation exists during the good times such that crisis-management becomes a service to customers and not just an obligation. # A Blog Must Embody the Company's Brand and Culture: Customers will quickly tear the facade off a blog if they feel they are being deceived. With that being said, a corporate blog can be an opportunity to see how closely a company is resembling the values upon which it was founded. In an attempt to bring these concepts home, Alicia Dorset - Blog Editor at MS&L Digital, presents the Fastlane Blog. According to Ms. Dorset, GM (specifically the project champion, Bob Lutz) is acutely aware of the thousands of images that people take of their GM cars and upload to Flickr. Perhaps you have heard that online video is popular, so has GM and they respond with a weekly user-submitted YouTube video. While the Fastlane Blog may be a small part of GM's corporate public relations plan and Movable Type Enterprise may be a small part of the overall IT strategy, the fact that an old-school supermegaglobalcorporation gets social media should cause many CEOs to evaluate how well their organization does, or does not.