Aquent Webcast on web design
On a whole, the art of Web design has begun to be better understood as a necessity in the world of ecommerce and content management. After all, content is only as good as its design and vice versa. Once viewed as something that made your site look pretty but had little significance to the bottom line, web design is now considered an integral part of a site's success. Enter Aquent. On Thursday, May 22 at 1:00 p.m. EST, the leading marketing and creative staffing agency presents Web Design for ROI: How Design Impacts the Bottom Line. The free webcast is hosted by Lance Loveday, founder and CEO and Sandra Niehaus, vice president of user experience and creative director of Closed Loop Marketing. Both presenters will highlight the impact design can have on your bottom line. Participants will learn how to: * Use their concrete design guidelines for different types of Web page * Increase Web sales/leads * Increase overall site effectiveness * Change your company's perceptions of Web design * Prioritize your design efforts On the docket for discussion: Using a practical, how-to approach to design, important concepts and elements for effective landing pages, home pages, category pages, product pages, forms, shopping carts and checkout processes. Guidelines, case studies and current examples will be shared to better illustrate what works—and why. We know that you know that Web design is more than just a pretty design, but having the tools and resources to understand how they affect your organization's revenue will help you convince others. Register Today!