At the J. Boye Philadelphia 2009 conference, Wienerberger's Volker Gruenauer was awarded the Overflight Award for the best presentation of the event. An interactive marketer at Wienerberger -- the Austria-based largest brick manufacturer in the world -- Gruenauer designed and deployed a customer-centered web presence that transformed Wienerberger's business even in a tough economy for builders.

A second-place award was given to Donna Spencer, author of the new book Card Sorting from Rosenfeld Media and a respected information architecture practitioner with MaadMob in Australia.

The Overflight Award is given to J. Boye conference presentations that are highly credible -- from fresh voices or perspectives to the discipline of information management -- and are rooted in actual accomplishments, such as projects that have been built and that are "take it home and do it Monday" practical.

Special consideration was given to those presentations that were likely to have a lasting effect on the field.

A panel of industry experts selected the winners, who received trophies and an additional cash prize for first place.