We've been getting emails left and right from a mysterious source called Junta42, which is apparently a new b2b social media site that (literally) targets "custom content marketers." So if you're producing something with your name on it, expect to be hit sometime soon. The idea behind Junta42, which went beta on the 21st via parent company Z Squared Media, is to "make it as easy as possible for marketing, association, and publishing professionals to find out what's going on in content marketing," considered by founders to be "the biggest industry that nobody has ever heard of." (If this is getting too esoteric for you, check out The Five Pillars of Content Marketing on Junta42.) This isn't just an ambitious mission statement. For those in the know, e-marketing is all about content - well-written, dynamic and useful. A thriving online company increasingly will find that its fortunes are tied to web publishing in some form. Custom Publishing Council and Publications Management spending hit US$ 55.6 billion this year, an all-time high. And an increasing number of enterprises are launching proprietary targeted content initiatives - both in print, and online. The problem, however, is in finding useful information on the content marketing industry. And even if you do find it, it isn't necessarily all relevant or very well-organized. Based on what we've seen, Junta42 behaves like Newsvine or Digg. You can turn articles in for submission and they receive votes based on importance and quality. If you conduct a search and your topic doesn't appear in any of the stored articles, the site conducts a (dear, dependable) Google search. But far from being just another user-is-king! news aggregator, Junta42 seeks to be of value to marketers and traditional publishers. It currently boasts a little over 300 content marketing-oriented articles in its growing database, and the company hopes to get more in the way of case studies, educational articles and industry trends. The company, which keeps afloat on AdSense and keyword sponsorships, also shares a portion of its AdSense revenues with active members. "We know there is enough incentive for community members to submit great content, but we wanted to do something extra," said founder and chief content officer Joe Pulizzi. "Those who contribute will share in our success." Take a closer look at Junta42. It's definitely worth watching, in our view. And if you have a view on the content marketing "revolution," as Junta42 so aptly puts it, say so.