UX Week in San Francisco in August
What better excuse to go to San Francisco in August than to attend UX Week 2008. Touted as the premier user experience conference, UX Week 2008 offers a mix of inspiring presentations from recognized thought leaders and hands-on workshops delivering takeaway skills. Intended for user experience professionals at all levels -- directors, managers and practitioners -- the schedule offers day-by-day registration and features engaging and interactive daily themes. * Day One - The Fundamentals of User Experience * Day Two - Media and Service Design * Day Three - Play and Immersion * Day Four - The Future of User Experience Popular and insightful speakers abound as well, including: * Author and co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group, Don Norman * Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zipcar, Scott Griffith * Manager of the User Experience Team for Consumer Products at Google Inc, Margaret Gould Stewart * Author and founding partner of Adaptive Path, Indi Young * Science fiction author, design essayist, and Net critic, Bruce Sterling UX Week 2008 is proud to present for the first time two and a half hour workshops on a variety of subjects. Aimed to allow for deeper learning, workshops will be hands-on and activity-based, while others are more facilitated discussions. Some of the many fun-titled workshops include: * Unpacking Stories to Serve People Better * Live, Vast and Deep: Web-native Information Visualization * The Neo-Futurists Short Short Story Workshop * Become a Sticky-Note Ninja: The Problem Solving Power of Sticky-Notes * Design is Made of People * Making Thinking Tangible Hosted at the Palace Hotel, not only will you be challenged to think differently about user activity, you'll be sure to bring back the tools necessary to empower change on all levels of design, usability and production. Registration is still available and attendees can choose to attend a single day or the full conference. Learn more and register today!