Mochila Gets Progressive at Netroots Nation

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It is full steam ahead as the nation prepares for the upcoming presidential election. For Mochila that means joining forces with Senator Barack Obama's biggest fan, Amber Lee Ettinger -- a.k.a Obama Girl -- at NetRoots Nation 2008. At Netroots Nation 2008, which starts Thursday and of which Mochila is a premier sponsor, Obama Girl and Mochila will work to promote online political coverage of the 2008 Presidential Campaign among Generation Y Web users. BarelyPolitical.com's content, including all of the Obama Girl videos, is now featured in the Mochila marketplace.Mochila aims to combine Obama Girl's political (online) fame with its comprehensive political content to drive broader online interest in the campaign among young voters. With such dramatic online efforts by Obama supporters, who led all other candidates in their use of online tools for political engagement, Mochila hopes that just as Obama supporters outpaced both Clinton and McCain supporters in their usage of online video, social networking sites and other online campaign activities, publishers will use Mochila as the primary means to keep up with the demand. As election coverage comes into full swing, political content will be in high demand. Mochila's marketplace is just the place to help publishers and editors alike find the relevant content they need. To continue to feed news to younger voters, who are considerably more active online, Mochila helps publishers take full advantage of this growing interest by providing the best political content from the top Web sites including AntiWar.com, BarelyPolitical.com, Newsmeat.com, RawStory.com, RealClearPolitics.com, TalkingPointsMemo.com and TalkLeft.com, as well as traditional sites like Associated Press and Reuters. More and more young voters are turning to the web to get their political fix, and among Web users under 30, social networking, online commercials, interviews and debates are most popular. Recent surveys suggest that GenY voters are poised to impact this year’s consumption of online political news by way of online newsgroups, Web Sites or blogs. Mochila prides itself on providing a progressive marketplace full of neutral media that offers content from traditional sites and bloggers, from many outlets offering diverse perspectives and voices. Keith McAllister, CEO of Mochila is happy to capitalize on the web savvy and political interest of young, online users (and voters) by providing "free, ad-supported access to the world’s leading supply of all manner of political content" adding that "this is the hottest political year in generations and Mochila’s publishing partners are seeing traffic, particularly younger users, like never before."Mochila's global online media marketplace has successfully demonstrated the flexibility and relevance of it content management as it has evolved over the past few years. By contributing to the political dialogue, Mochila is viable candidate for the most progressive CMS.