Mochila Sees the Power of Syndication
Mochila onmedia 100 winner for digital media
Mochila is again on the move. The online media marketplace for text, photo, and video content just introduced an application programming interface for Syndication. This API gives publishers the ability to automatically connect their content management and web publishing systems to Mochila’s high-quality rights-managed content. Members have the option to customize real time feeds through this open standards XML-based API using multiple parameters including keyword, category, byline, and source. By connecting with Mochila’s API, members have the potential to provide millions of their monthly visitors with enhanced search functionality that includes relevant information from the Mochila content database. The first publisher to take advantage of this new application is Farlex, Inc. Known for its and sites, Farlex has begun to integrate with Mochila and use the Mochila API to enhance the content experience for its users. Mochila is certainly making it easy for publishers to acquire "high-quality content" – and is just another way Mochila has demonstrated its dedication to evolving and challenging the traditional way of syndicating content.