No-Click Search Engine Reports Surge in Traffic

Seek and ye shall find. There certainly isn't a lack of things to discover. So much so that recently announced that traffic on its search aggregator has tripled since the site’s November 2008 launch. What is so special about LeapFish?

With a tag line "Just Type It," LeapFish aims to deliver the "best of the web" in a click-free search. As it turns out, indeed, by just typing it can bring up your results, without ever clicking return. Its auto-populated search box delivers instantaneous results, as users type each character into the search box.

LeapFish utilizes proprietary hyper-threading technology to communicate with all major online portals and their API’s simultaneously to deliver the various search results from across the web to users in a single search query.

But this isn't about how LeapFish works. It's about how well it seems to be working. Recent reports indicate that engine has received a very positive response from users. The company is forecasting a substantial traffic trajectory into the future.

Advertising Click Free

Yet the growth has not only come in the form of new users, but also in the number of advertisers. A marked influx of sponsors have purchased thousands of keywords to secure high ranking results positioning, and some have reported seeing a return on their investment.

LeapFish’s advertising model allows advertisers to purchase permanent ad positioning for any available keyword, with no pay-per-click fees. Advertisers are free to keep the keyword forever, or sell it for a profit as it goes up in value based on its popularity.

Some of the sold-out keywords on include diet, automotive, annuity, Montana real estate, Maui wedding, refinance, Viagra and web traffic. The keyword "diet" sold for nearly US$ 8,000, while "Viagra" sold for US$ 7,000 and "annuity" for US$ 2,000.

Keyword prices are set by combining traffic data, number mentions across the web and the amount that companies pay for words based on the cost-per-click (CPC) model. The data, combined with algorithms, figures out the value.

Evolving into an online marketplace where advertisers can resell keywords bought on the company's search engine might be the next big thing in search.