Orchestr8 Releases New Structured Data Mining Technology
Orchestr8, developers of semantic tagging and text mining software, announced a new technology to complement their content analysis service, AlchemyAPI.

Dubbed Visual Constraints, the company claims the tool enables the extraction of structured data (such as product info, pricing, descriptions, etc.) from any web page.


Orchestr8 wants to help you understand and leverage your textual information assets. Their AlchemyAPI service is a web-based tool that does just that by allowing automated tagging, categorization, semantic analysis, and text mining.

Now complete with "visual constraints" Orchestr8 says AlchemyAPI can extract structured data from web pages as well by using ‘natural language’ queries.

And what would a visual constraints tool be without a visual? Voila:


"Visual constraints represent a major leap over technologies such as XPath," said Elliot Turner, CEO of Orchestr8. "Our visual content-mining technology transforms any web page into structured information that may be interactively queried, scraped, or even converted into Semantic Web content such as RDF."

Moreover, because the new tool is fully integrated into AlchemyAPI's other content analysis capabilities, the company says the marriage allows for “targeted execution of named entity recognition, text categorization, language detection, or other NLP tasks on specific portions of a web page.” Voila pt. 2:



AlchemyAPI has also been expanded to support Entity SubType resolution. This capability generates concept ontology mappings for Persons, Organizations, Locations, and other entities detected within text.

"By mapping named entities into an ontology, AlchemyAPI can do things such as identifying persons as politicians, athletes, or other public figures," Turner added.

This bundle of updates is available immediately. Existing and brand new users can head on over here to get in on the action.

Additionally, Orchestr8 promises more news regarding the platform and new tool in the coming weeks, so, keep a watch with us here.