Future of Web Design Conference
The future of Web design is coming. In two weeks. Are you ready? I speak of course about the conference Future of Web Design scheduled for April 17 and 18 in London. The conference features internationally-renowned design experts and alluring workshops such as Creating Sexy Style Sheets and Elastic Thinking: adaptable design in a world of uncertainty. FOWB boasts the opportunity to learn from the best to become the best. A very tall order, indeed. On day one, you will be whisked through the day chock-full of dynamic speakers who will extol on such topics as: * Finding Inspiration For Design * User Experience vs Brand Experience * Designing the User Experience Curve * Getting your designs approved: 12 Simple Rules * Print is the new web * From Design to Deployment * Unconventional ways to promote your site * Evolving the User Experience On day two, you will delve into the aforementioned workshops. By the time the after party rolls around, it will be hard to determine the experts from the attendees! Only full conference passes and the conference-in-a-box, a handy-dandy pack that contains all of the great content that you'd experience from the conference without the hassle of traveling, are still available for registrants so hurry!