W3C Launches a new Working Group
Oh how we love the W3C. Such an exciting summer for all their working groups and recommendations, it's hard to believe that there is still work to do. The W3C launched a new Web Applications (WebApps) Working Group, co-Chaired by Art Barstow (Nokia) and Charles McCathieNevile (Opera Software). The group combines the former Web APIs and Web Application Formats Working Groups and is focused on developing standard APIs for client-side Web Application development, including both documenting existing APIs such as XMLHttpRequest and developing new APIs in order to enable richer web applications. The group is a part of the Rich Client Activity. Developed in response to the popularity of "Web browsers and the Web engine components that power them" the new WebApps Working Group will target desktop and mobile browsers, as well as "non-browser environments that make use of Web technologies" in an effort to promote universal access to Web applications across a wide range of devices and among a diversity of users. Providing "generic and consistent interoperability and integration" among all target formats, such HTML, XHTML, and SVG is at the forefront of their mission. To meet the challenges set out before them, the Web Applications Working Group is expected to have 10 or more active participants for its duration, and to have the participation of the industry leaders in fields relevant to the specifications it produces. In addition, the Web Applications Working Group will also allocate the necessary resources for building Test Suites for each specification. Non-members are encouraged to participate and you can follow their work online, with details on the WebApps Wiki. Learn more by visiting the W3C Web Apps Working Group site.