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  • Last Call on CSS Selectors API, Comment Now

    The W3C Web Applications Working Group is currently developing standard APIs for client-side Web Application development and is soliciting comments. In June 2008, the WebAPI Working Group and Web Applications Working Group merged to form the new Web Applications ("WebApps") Working Group.

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  • Web Applications Working Group Launched

    Oh how we love the W3C. Such an exciting summer for all their working groups and recommendations, it's hard to believe that there is still work to do. The W3C launched a new Web Applications (WebApps) Working Group, co-Chaired by Art Barstow (Nokia) and Charles McCathieNevile (Opera Software).

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  • AJAX Update: Progress Events Ticking Along

    Standards, standards and more standards...This time we bring you news from the W3C Web API Working Group. They have published their Working Draft of "Progress Events 1.0". Progress Events are event types used to monitor the progress of an operation.

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  • Have XMLHttpRequest Your Way...Last Chance

    If you like to review W3C standards before they become official, here's one you need to take a close look at. The W3C Web API Working Group has published the Last Call Working Draft of "The XMLHttpRequest Object" specification.

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