How do organizations effectively build relationships with their customers? The answer today at the Web Content 2007 conference in Chicago is, of course, great content. Inconsistent or poor quality content detracts from brands, decreases customer satisfaction and may even increase a company's legal liability. Effective, high-quality content builds positive relationships with the customer and tells the individual "its ok to invest in this organization." Our typical understanding of customer relationship management is too narrow, according to Monday's keynote presenter, Ann Rockley of The Rockley Group. Organizations should be giving customers information that they need in the form they need it to make them (and in turn, the organization) happy and deepen their relationship. For example, an organization may wish to move a customer from merely being aware of their products to exploring more about their brand. Realizing what type of content the customer needs will help that individual be successful in solving problems. By inviting customers to participate in the organization's content, a deeper relationship is possible. With Web 2.0 technologies such as wikis and blogs, customers can participate in ways offline media does not allow. Successful relationships with customers are two-way streets and these new technologies facilitate that sharing of information. Learn how to use them to build new communities. Start here.