Webcast: The Value of Usability Scorecards and Metrics

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No matter how you feel about measuring your site's stats, whether you think it to be an unfortunate driver of style over substance or as the gold standard of usability, the truth is that user experience (UX) metrics are factored into most marketing and design strategies. Yet, there hasn't always been a clear method of how to best interpret and use UX metrics. Until now. Human Factors International, a company focused on software usability, has released a white paper called "The Business of UX Metrics: How to measure and manage the user experience." The paper serves as a best practices guide to evaluating business-critical websites . The paper which walks the reader through the frameworks for evaluating UX design and explains the "scorecard phenomenon," a method that not only summarizes the issues, but gives "a quantitative metric by category and overall." However, the paper can be a bit overwhelming, which is why readers can benefit from a free webcast. Brought to you by HFI's Usability Broadcast Network, Dr. Phil Goddard, author and executive director of HFI, and Dr. Susan Weinschenk, Chief of Technical Staff co-host "Who's keeping score? The value of usability scorecards and metrics" on Thursday, November 15 at 3:30 p.m. EST. The webcast aims to explain how HFI's evolving set of user experience metrics can help you:* quantify best practices in design at a site, sub-site or page level* prioritize your usability resources across a range of projects* get valuable feedback quickly, in "design time"* track and benchmark user experience over time* learn how you score against your competitors* synthesize your various user data streams into an integrated UX dashboardThe broadcast will include audio/video and slides, concluding with a live Q&A session where you can submit questions. If you're more organized than we tend to be, you can even (gasp!) plan ahead and read the white paper before the event.

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