Creately Delivers Online, Collaborative Wireframe Tool

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Creately Delivers Online, Collaborative Wireframe Tool
Over the past month, many of us have discovered Creately, an online application for creating diagrams, flowcharts and wireframes. Nominated for best Rich Internet Applications of 2009 over at O’Reilly media, Creately has received some other attention, as well.

Creately lets users share and publish drawings with other users so as to garner comments and support. It boasts itself as easy and it's full of lots of features that make the chore of creating charts, site maps and other user-intensive models kinda fun.

Creately for WireFrames

As you may know, CMSWire has a thing for wireframes. Creately caught our eye because of its selection of smart web wireframe, UI and collaboration elements.

It comes with free website wireframe templates that can quickly mockup screens for web pages, websites, page layouts, desktop application screens and many other types of graphical user interfaces.


Creately Wireframes

Being able to share designs with others is nice and saves time spent saving and uploading large attachments. Invited collaborators can view created wireframes, comment and sign-off of on mockups from within Creately or can have jpegs emailed directly to them.


Creately Collaboration

The View From Creately

The Creately application is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Main Toolbar: Users have access to the usual WYSIWYG toolbar, with tools grouped by function.
  • Object Library: Users can drag and drop shapes from the library onto their canvas.
  • Drawing Canvas: Users can access multiple tabs so that many diagrams can be open at once.
  • Comments, Sharing, Help: Users can let other collaborators comment on a diagram as well as on specific objects in their diagram. Comments can also be shared by email. As for sharing, depending on the pricing option, users can share with a specific or unlimited number of collaborators.

Creately also features a number of elements that troubleshoot some of the mistakes often made when creating charts. It spell checks your text, and smart objects check your math. As well, it can create links between diagrams, and have many of them open so that users can see the big picture.

Learning Opportunities

Since its launch a month ago, Creately has released new updates, many of which are bug fixes.From diagram type searches to automatic labels to a Web 2.0 Widgets library, users’ wishes have become Creately’s commands.

Name Your Price

With two pricing plans: public or private, users can start using Creately for free or by naming their price for upgraded features like 24-hour support, unlimited storage and full data back-up.

The folks at Creately have been letting users name their own price since they came out of beta and have been quite satisfied with the results that “we've decided to continue our pricing experiment for a while longer.”

Creately is a great wireframing tool, and so much more. We’re adding it to our list and so should you!