In June we told you Yooba Studio (news, site) would be worth a first and second look for those interested in Flash-based websites but not the cost of a creative agency.

Today it seems the platform has gotten more than a look or two, as they recently landed a spot on the list of semi-finalists for Best of InsideRIA 2009, sponsored by O’Reilly Media and Adobe.

Less Tech, More Creative

Yooba Studio is like a Flash kid's dream come true. With it users with a basic understanding of Flash can create any number of scenes, add images, create text, transitions, animation, insert sounds and videos in addition to a ton of other stuff.

As a Software-as-a-Service solution, Yooba Studio is available to anyone with a browser and an Internet connection. Updates occur without additional licenses or installations and, while not designed to replace your existing web CMS, Yooba does a nice job of complementing it. As a result, Yooba Studio can be integrated with your current web CMS to add flash content where you need it most.

Yoobz Today

The Yooba team acnowledges that the journey since the official release in June has been "exhausting but super exciting." The most recent version released is 1.3.1, which included two major updates:

Image Optimization

All images in a project are automatically optimized for faster downloading. Projects load faster for the end-user, and for the Yooba Studio user this translates to being able to toss image compression to the wind.

Improved Preview

The look and feel of the preview also stepped up. First of all, rather than open in a  new window, the preview is now available right on your project screen. This makes switching between edit mode and preview mode  much easier. Additionally, it's no longer neccessary to save your project before previewing.

Moreover, six new scene transitions were added late last month: Iris, Wipe, Stripes, Blinds, 3D Cube
and Page Turn.


The three finalists for best Rich Internet Application will be presented at Adobe’s MAX Session in Los Angeles on October 4-7. The Requirements for landing a spot in the competition are that the application is created using any of Adobe’s tools, and that it was either created or released in 2009.

"Getting recognition from the developer community is very encouraging, as it comes from our peers.” said David Nordin, Managing Director at Yooba. “Obviously it’s valuable publicity for our company as we’re a relative newcomer to the international market. Getting to L.A. and Adobe’s MAX Session conference would be a small but important step for the future development of Yooba, although we realize the competition is going to be tough.”

The poll at InsideRIA began on August 31st and ends Sunday September 6th. Check out the competition and cast your vote here.