Yooba Flash CMS Goes Production
It's official. Yooba Studio, a Flash-based content management system from Yooba (news, site), is officially available for commercial use. If you want to have flash-enabled websites without the cost of a creative agency, then this CMS is definitely worth a first and second look.

Reviewing Yooba CMS

CMSWire had the opportunity to see Yooba Studio in action and take it for a trial run ourselves. With a content management interface somewhere between MS Powerpoint and Adobe Creative Suite, the Yooba Studio is a great tool to develop flash-based websites.

The good news is, you don't have to be technical, but you do have to be creative and understand the basics of flash design.

Yooba - Create Project

With Yooba Studio, you can create any number of scenes, add your own images or choose from a variety supplied by Yooba, create text, transitions, animation, insert sounds and videos and a whole lot more. You can even customize the loading scene.

In addition, you may want some functionality like Forms. This is easily done by selecting one of several form templates or building your own. Your form can have lists, drop downs, combo boxes, textboxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and textareas.

Integrate with Your Own Web CMS

Yooba is not designed to replace your existing Web CMS, but rather complement it. As a result, Yooba can be integrated with your current web content management system to add flash content where you need it.

New, Simplified Pricing

Yooba Studio is a hosted content management system. This means not only is it SaaS for developing your Flash websites, it's also SaaS for viewing them. So you don't have to worry about hosting your website, Yooba does it for you.

We mentioned in our review of Yooba the complex pricing model. That has since been simplified:


Yooba Pricing

Yooba is not the only Flash CMS available. Others include Rainbow Live and Flypaper. We may see competition between Flypaper and Yooba as both offer similar style interfaces and capabilities. Yooba however is SaaS and Flypaper is a product you install on your PC. In addition, you host your own Flypaper Flash content, whereas with Yooba, it's all done for you.

If you like your CMS hosted and don't want to worrry about the hosting of your content, then Yooba is worth a closer look. Take it for a trial run and find out how easy it is to use yourself.