A Web CMS for XML Based Flash Websites
Code and Visual hits all the right keywords with its new web content management solution. Rainbow Live offers the ability to manage XML content for Flash-based websites. It's a simple Web CMS, supported by their Rainbow XML editor, for those who don't want to be weighed down by hefty back-end systems.

Simple CMS in a Flash

Rainbow Live is a new product hitting the Web from Code and Visual, an Australian company that is adding applications to its Flash-based websites and games. The company actually has two offerings:

  • Rainbow: A visual XML editor utilizing Flash
  • Rainbow Live: Extends Rainbow by adding a light, nimble web content management system that allows live XML editing, administration and log-in with none of the usual CMS overheads.

Content is created in the browser using nodes and children as the building blocks and the interface is built around the creation and management of these elements. Perhaps its main selling point is the lack of need for all the back-end software that most CMS rely on.


CMS in a Flash, in a browser

Rainbow Live can import, create and export XML files. It supports JPG, GIF and PNG images and can automatically create thumbnails and handle some video and audio files. It is .NET, ASP and PHP compatible so can be tied into other systems, and supports metadata.

The management system can work with both XML-based sites and Flash sites that use XML for dynamic content, giving a degree of flexibility.

A Simpler CMS Solution?

Rainbow Live differs from other Flash systems such as Yooba and Flypaper that we have previously covered lacking the well-styled front end in Yooba or Flypaper's dashboard and steeper costs. Yooba, in particular, is a better-featured package, allowing the integration of Flash content within other CMS systems.

However, Rainbow Live has the feel of a speedy but simple system that anyone can get on with, at the expense of features and flexibility. For a simple CMS, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

For organizations with Flash-heavy sites, adding a Rainbow Live powered CMS saves a time converting data from other sources and maintains the flexibility of layout and design that Flash designers are used to. For smaller outfits not wanting the high-end features, Rainbow Live offers a quick and easy way to create dynamic content.

Not a Complete CMS

Since this isn't a complete CMS, lacking metadata, versioning, content capture and many other features, you can forgive Rainbow Live the odd quirk. Such as, only a single password, for both admin and users. However, you can change the admin user name to prevent users logging in above their station.

Rainbow Live is available with a domain key for US$ 99 and requires Flash 10 to be installed. You can try out online user and admin demos on the Rainbow Live site.