Dreamweaver MX 2004 Update Released

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Macromedia has announced the latest update to Dreamweaver MX 2004 for Windows and Macintosh. Highlights include performance and stability improvements, reinstatement of the timelines feature (from MX), default page character encoding preferences, and updated reference documentation.Here are the details from the release notes:Issues Resolved With the 7.0.1 UpdateThe 7.0.1 update fixes bugs in Dreamweaver MX 2004 on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. The following are some of the more important issues resolved.Performance improvementsThe update fixes various performance issues reported by some users, such as when typing in pages with nested tables, switching documents, or launching Dreamweaver.Stability improvementsThe update fixes several bugs that caused Dreamweaver to crash, such as in certain circumstances when working on ASP.NET or JSP pages in Design view, or when applying bold or italics to text after applying a color style to the text. TimelinesThe timelines feature, available in Dreamweaver MX but not in Dreamweaver MX 2004, has been restored. For help on using this feature, download the "Animating Layers with Timelines" PDF from the Dreamweaver Documentation Center.Opening files with no specified character encodingUsers in eastern Europe report that when a character encoding is not specified in an existing page, Dreamweaver does not correctly display the eastern European characters. When you open a page in Dreamweaver, the application checks the encoding specified in the page's meta tag to tell it how to encode and decode the characters in the file. If the meta tag does not specify an encoding, however, Dreamweaver guesses latin-1 or some other encoding that might not be the desired encoding.To address this problem, a new preference was added to check for an encoding every time you open a page in Dreamweaver. If the page does not specify an encoding, Dreamweaver sets the page's encoding to the specified default encoding. To turn on this preference, open the New Document preference dialog box (Edit > Preferences > New Document), and then select the checkbox below the Default Encoding pop-up menu. ColdFusion Reference helpAn updated version of the ColdFusion Reference help is installed with Dreamweaver. The new reference fixes a problem with section introductions that contained only a heading and no links to the section topics. It also fixes a problem where the standard reference subheadings (Description, Category, Syntax, and so on) were not displayed. Because of file size considerations, the new reference is not included in the 7.0.1 updater. However, you can install it separately as an extension in Windows or Macintosh. For more information, see the Dreamweaver Exchange.Get the updaters here.