Genius Project v6.5 Offers What If Scenarios, KPI Indicators Module
Great project management is an acquired skill and it can take awhile for cogs to get into a groove. Thankfully the folks at Genius Inside are here to help. Their release of Genius Project and portfolio management solution v6.5 may make even the worst project manager operate like a savant.

Recently we spoke to Vasily Klimko, Senior Marketing Manager and Christophe Borlat, managing director at Genius Inside about the new release, its features and their future.

Genius Simulator Knows All

Although the new release is full of neat stuff like material resources management, delivery tracking, automatic email invitations for project-related meetings, a personalized dashboard and key performance tracking, it’s the Genius Simulator that will be creating all the buzz.

The Simulator can let managers see into the future to how to plan best for “what if” scenarios. See what happens if you’re over budget, under deadlines and low on resources. However, it’s not for everyone.

Admittedly, Mr. Borlat says that this module can work effectively for only the most well-oiled machines. In order for the simulator to forecast appropriately, a company needs to have been detailing its past appropriately to notice trends and patterns for the way business is run.

For companies that aren’t there yet, the Simulator might provide a little kick in the pants.

Genius Project for Web and for Domino

Genius Project is available in two deployment options: Genius Project For Web and for Domino. The first is a subscription-based service and extends the Genius Project application functionality to users working on any operating system and messaging platform. Genius Project For Domino is designed for Lotus Notes users and integrates with Microsoft Project for cross-platform communication.

Both versions come with updates and allow users to measure any kind of project output. The new Genius KPI indicators module allows users to plan, forecast and track such outputs or key performance indicators.

Customer Driven vs Company Vision

As customer demand for Genius Inside has increased -- 2008 showed a significant increase in more customers and new users -- they’ve had to appropriately shift focus to the SaaS market.

Bigger companies bring more users and require more adaptable software compared to the average 5 users per company Genius Inside had grown accustomed to serving. The real challenge they found was in keeping the SaaS model convenient and easy to use.

Today’s new features were always apart of the plan, but were delayed initially because of customer demand and feedback for other functionality.

By the time version 6.6 is released, probably before the end of the year, Genius Inside will have a new user interface to boast that they hope will help keep the consistency between their branding and (new) website. 

Check out the new version of Genius Project at