cloudberry lab s3 explorer
Amazon Simple Storage Service, also called S3, (news,site) is a great service for those who desire a pay-as-you-go, hosted storage service for building web apps or storing files in the cloud.  CloudBerry Lab, a software vendor, has released a freeware solution called CloudBerry S3 Explorer that makes accessing and managing your Amazon S3 storage easier than ever before.

Going Beyond Simple Transfer

Existing solutions such as FTP clients that feature S3 support and Jungle Disk allow you to transfer files to and from the Amazon S3 service. But what if you desire more functionality? This is where the CloudBerry Explorer comes into play.

CloudBerry starts by allowing this transfer of files in and out, but also allows you to share files in Amazon S3 with anyone on the Internet. CloudBerry Explorer allows you to move and transfer files from Windows Explorer, boosting ease-of-use.

Of course, the S3 file store you're sharing with others can be password protected and file access can be restricted. With CloudBerry Explorer, users can generate external URLs to provide to those they with to share files with.


CloudBerry Explorer for S3

Managing Files And Folders Within S3

In version 1.3, you can easily rename files and folders in S3. In addition, performance has been enhanced while using CloudBerry Explorer when it comes to moving a large number of files stored in an S3 account. According to their blog, this performance enhancement was made by changing the way CloudBerry reads the existing files in the S3 bucket, resulting in a boost in performance.

CloudBerry integrated many performance and usability enhancements in their latest version of the Explorer. Do you work with flash video files on a regular basis? Then you'll appreciate that CloudBerry S3 Explorer supports the free FLV encoder provided by

Developers and other folks who wish to automate common tasks can do so by using CloudBerry Explorer's Microsoft Powershell support. With Powershell, you can create buckets and manage ACLs, among other tasks. For more information, check out CloudBerry's website.

CloudBerry Explorer for S3 provides a powerful and useful interface for interacting with your Amazon S3 environment. The application is free and requires Windows XP, 2003 or Vista, the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 and an Amazon S3 account. Amazon S3 usage fees to apply to your level of usage.