WebSphere Studio for the Java Challenged

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In the mix with a number of recent enhancement to the WebSphere development tools is one that targets less sophisticated Java programmers. Presumably with the two-fold intention of staying cutting edge and and fighting off the ASP.NET threat, IBM have added Java Server Faces (JSF) support to WebSphere Studio Application Developer and Site Developer versions 5.1.2.JSF support will better enable developers to create complex J2EE applications in an environment similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio."...folks they're bringing off of legacy projects that aren't so familiar with Java, or might not even know Java or object-oriented development at all, can come in and start building user interfaces, building software that accesses what senior developers are building. Tying those pieces together is pretty significant.", says Eric Naiberg, manager of desktop products for IBM Rational.WebSphere Studio also supports an early version of Service Data Objects (SDO), which provides a unified programming model for accessing data from heterogeneous systems, including XML-based data sources and Web services. "Our customers recognize that they can differentiate their business performance by improving their software development capability. The products we are announcing today enhance that capability by making Java development significantly easier and by expanding integrations with other technologies customers use," said Lee Nackman, Vice President, Desktop Development Tools & CTO, IBM Rational.IBM's WebSphere Studio upgrade marks the latest in a series of announcements focused on the theme of easing Java development.Learn more.