Wix Brings No-Coding-Skills-Needed Design to HTML5 Sites

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Site design for those lacking in actual design skills is a problem that many seem to want to solve. Wix is a dab hand at creating Flash sites from a drag and drop system, now it offers the same for those needing a result in modern, sexy, smartphone-friendly HTML 5.

Its Just a Drag to the Left...

Wix is rapidly approaching 20 million sites designed with its free no-code-required approach to website construction. Now, the company has shown it is keeping up with the times by adding HTML 5 output alongside its previous Flash-based creations.The news has just been announced via a company blog post.

The big plus for users is that created sites will be accessible on all smartphones and tablets, including iOS devices. HTML5 content is also easier to share via social sites and can look better with distinctive menus and backgrounds (without using that pesky Flash). There's also improved marketing and search benefits of SEO for each page.

The company is currently working on a way to transfer a Flash site into HTMl 5, but that is pretty much on the do to list right now as Wix gets the new product out of the door.


Wix really does its best to offer easy design choices

Learning Opportunities

... Then a Step to the Right

 Once you've chosen a template, the WixExpress page creator and editor lets you design and style every element on a page, with a series of YouTube videos to guide users through any processes they don't understand.

It really couldn't be simpler and once a page is complete you can publish it online for free. The free sites are supported by advertising, but you can sign up for a premium service that gets rid of them, adds domains, eshops, and provides more bandwidth and storage for bigger, better HTML 5 sites.

Flash fans will be pleased to know that Wix will continue to support and develop that long-standing edition (the company launched it in 2008). While there are many other services out there from blogging sites to direct rivals like Moonfruit and many others, Wix's super-slick interface and templates could lead to a lot more sites being created by those who never thought they had it in them.


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