As we approach the end of the year, all the news shows and media resources love to look back at the current year trends/themes. So, in keeping with media tradition, it is time to look back and thinkforward. Here are three things I that believe impacted content management in 2010 and three predictions for 2011.

When I first sat down to write this, I wondered if I couldwrite something from the perspective of a somewhat cynical elderstatesman like Andy Rooney of 60 minutes. I also thought about aLetterman style top 10. On Monday night while watching the Patriotsrun a football clinic against the Jets, I even thought about an NFLstyle version that would show the picks of CMS contributors for theseason and keep score.  

However, in the technology world, it seems“events” are what people remember as product releases or acquisitions ormass adoption numbers that seem to indicate something significant. And whenit comes to content management technology I like to keep it simple andthink about 3 areas of focus: 

  1. Sourcing of Good Content 
  2. Having a place to publish & manage it
  3. Delivery/Consumption

Looking Back at 2010

So keeping with the law of 3s, the events from the past year that impacted the content management industry are:

1. Launch of the iPad

This has truly been a game changer fordelivery of content and the way consumers and business’ think aboutconsuming and interacting with content. There’s only 1 word todescribe the impact of the iPad in 2010 -- and that’s WOW!

It's impactis felt beyond the Apple store and consumer to the enterpriseand web design. Only if Steve Jobs could clone himself andrevolutionize the auto industry, energy or political problems in theworld just as he has done for movies, music, computing and mobiletechnology.  

2. Mainstream Hype of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn….crowd sourcing and social sharing… it’s all been around a fewyears, but in 2010 we really saw the mainstream explosion of socialmedia. Whether you talk about sourcing content, publishing it ordelivery, it better be social and somehow be tied to Facebook.

I alsothink we witnessed the beginning of Facebook’s ultimate world dominationsurpassing 500 million users and becoming a dominant platform forcommerce and advertising (as opposed to just another channel).

3. Release of Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010

This product release hashad so much buzz and has gotten everyone’s attention in the enterprise,media and service industries. Organizations are finally thinkingabout upgrading their desktops and servers or moving to the cloud alltogether. SharePoint 2010 has been so hyped this year that many onlinemedia sources and consulting organizations have dedicated focuses onMicrosoft SharePoint because of the upgrade cycle and continued rapidadoption.  

This product release is also important because of the socialcapabilities that will force large enterprises to leverage socialtechnology on a mass scale in the corporate environment.

Predicting 2011

Now 3 predictions for 2011 aside from Facebook’s continued world dominance:

Learning Opportunities

1. Release of Office 365

This evolution of Microsoft’s currentBPOS offering will signify the resurgence of Microsoft’s dominance.  Yes, I said it. Microsoft who has been the sleeping giant of the pastdecade will finally wake up as more and more enterprises shift theircollaboration, messaging and knowledge workers desktops to the cloud.

And that new Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system with no controllers isdefinitely game changing as well.   The only thing Microsoft won’tcontinue to dominate is the mobile handset market. 

2. Acquisition of Foursquare by Google

This event will focuseveryone’s attention on location based services. While 2010 saw socialmedia become a wide spread term and Facebook’s dominance (and releaseof Facebook Places), 2011 will see Foursquare being acquired by Google. And we will witness the mass adoption of location based services andadvertising unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  

Every content relatedtechnology inside and outside the corporate world will have locationbased services baked in. Walk into the mall -- and someone will betracking you, your shopping habits, offering you deals and more.   

It’s already happening, but Google really needs Foursquare if they wantto compete with Facebook. This of course will see every major newsoutlet spread fear and panic of individual personal privacy. 

3. Rise of the CDN

The growing amount of digital information(from pictures, streaming video, moving to the cloud, etc… ) will focusour attention to the world of content delivery networks. This is mydark horse for 2011 as I rarely read anything on CDNs. The fact is thatmany companies cannot conduct online commerce at scale without acontent delivery network like Akamai or Limelight.

While no one istalking about content delivery now, in 2011 CDN growth will explodebeyond anyone’s predictions as internet and smart phones growexponentially. Perhaps one of these major vendors will be acquiredwhich will also turn the media’s attention back towards the growth ofinformation, the congestion of the internet, and the importance of CDNsto the internet as a whole.

So there you have it. Now I’m going to Vegas and placing my bets!  Happy holidays and happy new year to all!