In a major move among the app fraternity, Conduit (news, site) has picked up web and app publisher Wibiya to bolster the numbers and widen its offering. Conduit has also adopted Cotendo's services to speed up its offerings.

Joining the Conduit

Apps are the boom area of the Web at the moment and there is bound to be some consolidation as companies look to offer a wider service or fill out their portfolios. Wibiya provides a free, customizable solution that allows over 120,000 publishers to integrate web applications into their websites, boosting user and web engagement.

The deal offers the combined firms' customers an app solution for mobile apps, browser apps and toolbars, across all formats and systems. They now offer better engagement opportunities for publishers using the network, and an enhanced online experience for users and publishers’ communities·

On the business side, there is the bonus of more access to a larger pool of potential partners and collaborators, with Conduit and Wibiya having a number of major media players on their collective rosters.

Conduit Goes the Cotendo Way

In a second announcement, Conduit also announced that it is adopting Cotendo's suite of services as a new primary tool for accelerating content delivery and enhancing content management to improve the speed with which its user base can work. Among the services included are Cotendo Content Delivery, Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA), Advanced DNS (ADNS), CDN Balancer and built-in real-time management and reporting tools, integrated atop Cotendo's Unity Platform.

Using Cotendo's global content delivery and site acceleration network, Conduit has scaled its services to handle the growth that the app market is experiencing, while also being able to handle unexpected traffic bursts. Cotendo's network has allowed Conduit to expand its offerings without fears of running into traffic delivery problems.