GX Software (newssite) is adding e-commerce capabilities to its web content management system, continuing its drive to provide a comprehensive web engagement management offering for customers.

E-Commerce, Part of the Online Experience

Organizations use their online presence to interact and engage with their customers and potential customers. In most cases, part of that interaction is designed to sell something. Whether it's products or services, e-commerce capabilities are necessary. But not all web content management providers offer e-commerce functionality out of the box.

Netherlands based WCM provder GX Software does. The vendor has announced the addition of embedded e-commerce capabilities such as transactions, catalog management, order management and online payments into its Web CMS.

Financial institutions offer products as part of their customer loyalty program, online newspapers sell DVDs to their readers and home insurance companies offer fire prevention products to reduce damage and risks,” said Martijn van Berkum, responsible for Technology and Products at GX Software. “Selling products or services can support the overall customer engagement strategy and create new online revenue streams. I am proud that we can facilitate our customers with these great e-commerce capabilities within our core solution.”

The e-commerce capabilities are a natural fit with GX Software's personalization and content targeting capabilities. Companies can utilize the combined functionality to offer customers products and services focused specifically on their interests and needs. 

Learning Opportunities

Not Intentionally WEM Focused

In his research on WCM vendors who have focused primarily on Web Engagement Management, Tony White of Ars Logica listed GX Software as a challenger, saying:

To a surprising degree, GX Software’s WEM capabilities seem to be a by-product (or the result of close collaboration with its customers) of its web content management application development process.

Maybe the key here though is that not every web content management vendor has jumped on the new term to market their solution. It's possible that there are a number of Web CMS vendors out there that fit the model, but don't market themselves in that way. Which would mean, you shouldn't look specifically for "WEM" vendors, but for capabilities overall.

E-commerce capabilities certainly provide additional avenues for organizations to cross sell and up-sell to their customers, but are they critical to a Web Engagement Management solution?