CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles.  

Article 1: Web Engagement Strategy: Best Practices in Web Projects

The first leg of Web content strategist Ahava Leibtag's (@ahaval) multi-part Web Engagement strategy series utilizes the power of team thought. That is, Leibtag brought in a handful of experts to help her answer questions around the management and challenges of Web projects. 

The kick off examines what you need to know like the back of your hand before you even start a project, such as business goals as defined by the client, internal information systems, and the target audience. 

Aside from starting well, the goal of the series is to produce some best practices around Web projects, setting goals and deliverables, managing unforeseen roadblocks and ending projects so that both parties feel satisfied.

Check out Leibtag's follow-up pieces: 


Article 2: Facilitating Knowledge Work With Social Collaboration

Social collaboration touches many areas of use: coauthoring content, wikis, blogs, etc.

However, in this article by management consultant Oscar Berg (@oscarberg), the focus is on some of the more indirect effects of social collaboration. These effects are underdogs, but can certainly help improve key activities like sharing and finding information, finding people and maintaining workspace awareness.  Simply put: We need to start making information flow in any way we possibly can. 

Just like money needs to flow as freely as possible and at a certain velocity, if a financial system is to function well, and thus the entire economy, so too does information.


Article 3: The Idea-driven Workforce: Employee Innovation in Action

In this piece, Allison Dahl, communication and engagement manager for IdeaNet, looks at what works and what doesn't when it comes to operating a successful employee-driven innovation program in your organization.

As social technologies become more integrated into day-to-day business, this trend of employee-driven innovation is likely to continue. Understanding how to engage employees is at the core of building a culture of innovation. Today, tools incorporating Web 2.0 technology make it easier to engage employees at every level at a whole new level.

Be sure to also check out Dahl's previous piece: "The Idea-driven Workforce: Finding New Ways to Engage Employees in Innovation"


Article 4: Can Documents Become More Social?

With the rise of wikis, activity streams and real time status updates, many wonder whether actual documents will become an archaic concept. CEO Yaacov Cohen (@yaacovc) argues against discarding them, and instead suggests we pull the old socializing trick yet again. 

Enterprise Content Management and Social Software platforms will rapidly converge, because documents are just one aspect of the social enterprise. Documents need to be integrated into communities, profiles and activities. Simply put, documents are just another social artifact.

But is it really that easy? Not according to Brian Reale, a commenter who noted that wikis, streams etc. will do away with documents simply because they are the evolution of them. 

What do you think?