Ektron(news, site) is singing the happy song a little louder today as it announces first quarter results for 2011. The main takeway? Web Engagement Management (WEM) is on everyone's mind, even SMBs.

Web Content Management is Web Engagement

Many Web CMS vendors, like Ektron, have taken the steps necessary to develop a well rounded web engagement platform. These days, you don't often have one without the other (see What's Hot in Web Content Management in 2011?).

Ektron supports the small to mid-sized WEM market with a range of capabilities, including their CMS400.NET web content management system and a range of social, e-commerce and video modules.

Today, the vendor announces first quarter ongoing growth of 20% and indicates that they will exceed 2010 license sales by 56% year-to-year.

Ektron has committed itself to delivering more innovation and solutions faster than any other vendor in the web content management space during 2011,” said Bill Rogers, founder and CEO of Ektron.“Over 2011, you’ll see Ektron ramp up every part of its business with new product enhancements and expanded infrastructure and support resources around the world.Our customers’ success is Ektron’s success and our sales growth reflects that.”

 Ektron has had a number of updates over the past year, including a new Technology Partnership Program of which the recent Brightcove partnership adds video management capabilities and Social Targeting Software (introduced in August of last year).

Learning Opportunities

The company has also expanded with a new office in Brussels and new leadership in the APAC region.

We caught up with Ektron's CMO, Tom Wentworth at the Gartner PCC event in Los Angeles recently and asked him the question: "What hot in Web CMS for 2011?". Here is a sound byte of his response.