Do you know how much data is out there on Facebook? Lots. Marketeers want that data, they want to know your likes, dislikes, interests and all the personal profile information that can help them engage you, deliver personalized content and sell more.

Ektron's (news,site) new Social Targeting software is trying do just that.

The Power of APIs

Social Targeting is part of Ektron's Marketing Optimization Suite (eMOS) designed to deliver personalization based on users' Facebook profiles, social graphs and other attributes.

Building on the capabilities provided by Facebook Connect, Facebook's Graph API is used to generate a view of the Facebook social graph, with objects like people, photos, events, fan pages and connections between them.

The social graph can be then queried to get the needed data about you and everyone in your friends list. Responses returned as JSON objects cover pretty much anything there's in your Facebook profile:

  • Users
  • Friends
  • Likes
  • Books
  • Pages
  • Events
  • Groups
  • Applications
  • Status messages
  • News feeds
  • Photos
  • Profile pictures
  • Videos
  • Notes

Oh, and forget about privacy. Facebook Connect has a notion of "dynamic privacy," which allows to get the most up-to-date information from your FB profile and your social graph.

How Social Targeting Works

Now that we have the desired info, marketers can use, for example, likes and dislikes to drive personalization on their company's website. What happens next is that marketers can build business rules around it and configure personalized experiences based on the data they gather from your Facebook activities.

The rules are then executed as specified by caching parameters (say, at specific time intervals), or dynamically at request time. So, the next time, you "like" a local winery's Facebook page, the marketeers will know to upsell you a fancy decanter. With Social Targeting feature Ektron is striving to help companies be just like Amazon with its (mostly) relevant product recommendations, targeted offerings and promotions.

Targeting Content in Ektron's PageBuilder.png

Targeting Content in Ektron's PageBuilder

At the moment, Ektron's Social Targeting works as an explicit rule creation model. The rules have to be created manually, which can be quite a burden. Perhaps in the next release we'll see some automated creation of rules...