FatWire Adds Cloud Component to Web Experience Management Offering
Talk of cloud services is everywhere, and vendors are finding it necessary to step up and provide their solutions in a cloud environment. FatWire (newssite) has chosen to take that next step expanding their web experience management solution with a cloud offering.

FatWire and the Cloud

FatWire has announced availability of its Cloud-based WEM offering. This service has been in pilot mode since the beginning of the year with a number of financial services, media and healthcare organizations. So it's not untested. 

FatWire has developed strategic global partnerships with Capgemini, LBi and Element 115 in order to offer their customers a choice of cloud deployment models. Many customers involved in the pilot have the WEM offering running on Amazon EC2 and Rackspace, among other cloud infrastructure providers.

Like most other service offerings, FatWire's WEM solution can be deployed on premise, completely in the cloud or in a hybrid model.

FatWire’s Cloud-based offerings give customers total flexibility in how they manage the web and structure their organizations, so they can simultaneously maximize online engagement, decrease time-to-market for their web initiatives, and gain peace of mind that their web infrastructure will scale and evolve to meet their businesses needs as they change.” said Yogesh Gupta, president and CEO of Fatwire.

WEM in the Cloud

FatWire isn't the only vendor of web experience management (or web engagement management) solutions who is offering their solution in a cloud model.

Sitecore has upgraded their WEM solution to run in a number of different cloud infrastructures including Azure, Rackspace and Amazon. Open Text is another vendor who is talking about managing digital publishing and engagement in the cloud with their Web Site Management 10.1 solution. Even Alterian has made claims about getting their solution cloud-ready.

This seems like a natural evolution of where vendors need to go to support their customers. Organizations want to engage with their customers, but they need to do it quickly and at the lowest cost possible. Moving to the cloud in one way to reduce costs and improve performance -- once the governance issues are all taken care of, of course.