In the latest news from Alterian (newssite), there's not one, but two buzzwords: Web Engagement Management (WEM) and cloud.

The Microsoft Kinda Love

Oh, other buzz includes Social Media Engagement, of course. Web CMS provider Alterian plans to port all of the above into the cloud-based Microsoft Windows Azure Platform and build web apps and services for its customers.

Among the potential benefits, Alterian lists global accessibility and availability, real-time scalability, elastic agility and on-demand infrastructure of the Windows Azure platform.

A logical step for Alterian, wouldn't you say, being the Microsoft fans from the start?

Alterian's Social Media Engagement Product

Based on the recent acquisition of Techrigy, it is now called Alterian SM2. Key features include:

  • Social analytics tool
  • Ability to interpret and analyze reactions to marketing campaigns
  • Availability across many social media, social networking and other channels

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Alterian's Web Engagement Product

This is really a reincarnation of Web CMS product(s) that Alterian is playing with. It looks like, in this case, we're mostly talking about Alterian Content Manager Web CMS being available in the cloud.

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The Cloud: To Be or Not to Be?

Even though recent research may show that many companies are not yet ready for the cloud, those with specific goals in mind that fit the cloud paradigm might find this offering useful. SMBs, in particular, might be very keen to explore the cloud option.

In the end, it's really all about the core technology you choose to get where you want to be in the matters of web engagement and customer engagement - in the cloud or on-premise. Infrastructure is not really a deal breaker in the majority of cases.

Over time, Alterian plans to expand its cloud offering beyond Web Engagement and Social Media Engagement. Many others found their homes in the Azure cloud, so Alterian won't feel lonely.

Maybe, Sitecore and Alterian can share their experiences of Web CMS living in the cloud?