Alterian Extends Social Media Monitoring Capabilities to Arabic Market

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Via a partnership with SocialEyez, Alterian (news, site) is offering social media monitoring service with its SM2 product for the Middle Eastern, Arabic-language-speaking market.

Who is SocialEyez?

SocialEyez is a division of Media WatchMiddle East, a media monitoring service in the Middle East. They monitorsocial media across many sectors -- including commercial, governmentand PR.

SocialEyez focuses on social media monitoring, as well asqualitative and quantitative analysis of social media content –thus, helping organizations manage their brands and engage withcustomers.

How the Two Come Together

SocialEyez uses theAlterian SM2 technology to monitor and analyze online content authoredfrom the Middle East in Arabic, English and French.

Noting that Arabichas its linguistic complexities (with multiple spelling options for thesame word and lack of Arabic letter equivalents in the Englishlanguage), both vendors have been working on developing and launching anArabic language interface for Alterian SM2.

Some of challengesidentified included incorporating support of Arabic text into SM2 andthe upcoming Arabic sentiment analysis tool.

Learning Opportunities

SocialEyez and Alterianalso adapted SM2 technology to automatically generate all the differentspelling variations to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Using Datafor Targeted Outreach

The Alterian SM2 technology will be used bySocialEyez clients who want to see trends in social media as well as beable to analyze the captured data both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Some of the sources that can be monitored include Twitter andFacebook, Arabic/regional blogs, chat rooms, message boards, etc.

Thegoal is to use the captured data to develop more targeted marketingcampaigns and engage with online audiences in the Arab world.