Alterian (news, site) joined the crowd and kicked out their first integrated cluster of tools for social media marketing this week. The suite provides solutions for monitoring social media channels, collecting and analyzing customer data online, and multi-channel marketing.  

The Suite

The suite, which can be implemented separately or weaved in (depending on how much engagement is required) consists of the following:

Analysis Services – Alterian's social media experts help digital marketers turn data into insight. 

Social Media Intelligence – Alterian povides tools for integrating an organization's e-mail, web, and social data along with traditional, offline data in order to help marketers make better, smarter decisions. 

Social Media Publishing – Social media publishing helps marketers distribute their content in a modern way that's traceable and measurable. 

Social Direct Response – Social automated response is more effective when it comes to service updates, confirmations, or high value offers: 

Image 1.png
Alterian Direct Response

Learning Opportunities

Social Customer Care – According to Alterian, the most direct, obvious way to engage with customers is to "simply talk to them." Social customer care tools (coming soon) enable marketers to listen to conversations about their brands and identify people to help or respond to in real-time--all from a common interface. 

Powering Social Engagement

We've been raving all month about the importance of engagement (and will continue), so in case you're tired of our reasoning, here's a bit from Alterian's CEO David Eldridge:

“In a world of shrinking margins, commoditized service and individual empowerment, better customer engagement is the primary source of competitive advantage. There is a strong chance a customer has interacted with your brand and formed impressions long before they’ve proactively engaged with you directly. Your customers are social and you need to be too."

Alterian's been tuned into the importance of this concept for some time now. Most recently, a partnership with SocialEyez enabled them to deliver social media monitoring services to the Middle East. “The challenging process of incorporating support of Arab text into SM2 is complete, and we will shortly be featuring an Arabic sentiment analysis tool along with its Arabic interface,” said Alterian sales director Ben Jackson. 

The company's integrated suite will certainly continue to push the engagement concept further into the viral stream. If you'd like to give it a go, you can do so here