Content comes in many flavors and each type of content has its specific rules for digital asset management. For instance, among other things, video content demands fast transfers. The guys at MediaSilo know this and recently they have integrated their video content management system with FileCatalyst.

Managing Video Content

Video content might not be the typical format for a business document but thanks to the affordability of professional equipment, videos are used more and more in the enterprises in any industry. Therefore, you don't need to be a professional videographer or movie maker to deal with huge video files and wonder how to handle them in a gracious way.

Within an enterprise, marketing departments are among the savviest users of digital asset management solutions because these departments heavily use videos and presentations. This poses new challenges to traditional content management systems because video content has specifics needs and you can't treat a video the same way you would treat text content, for example.

The fact that video content requires special treatment is just another source of pain. As our poll shows, not many companies use a dedicated DAM solution. Some of them use the DAM capabilities of their present CMS. While the percentage of companies who use a dedicated DAM solution is still low, there are solutions out there to fit different needs.

MediaSilo – It's Not Just for Video Professionals

MediaSilo is one such solution. It is targeted at the video industry but in fact it can be used in any enterprise where video content is abundant and needs to be taken care off. MediaSilo can be used to tag and manage videos, perform web-based broadcasts, use cloud storage, deal with transcripts, etc. Recently, ultra fast transfers have been added to the list of its features.

Fast, Fast, Fast Transfers

Thanks to the integration with FileCatalyst, now MediaSilo supports fast file transfers. The need for speed is not a whim, it is a necessity. Time is money -- it is counter productive to have to wait for any file to upload/download and for video files, which tend to be huge in size, the required transfer time could be really long even with a fast Internet connection.

However, using the sophisticated algorithms of FileCatalyst, transfers are accelerated and even huge files download fast. Now this functionality is available from within MediaSilo, so that videos don't take ages to transfer.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get faster file transfers, check out the FileCatalsyt. To learn more abut MediaSilo and look at a complete video content management solution, go their website.