GX Software (news, site) recently announced its new real-time web engagement management solution, Blue Conic, at Gilbane Boston and GXConnect in San Francisco. Historically, the company has focused on web content, web traffic and visitor conversion management, but the introduction of BlueConic marks GX Software’s official entry into the rapidly growing engagement management market.

The Market

Web engagement management (WEM) is changing the way organizations interact with their target audience. More broad-based than web content management, WEM combines concepts from content management, social media, demand generation, marketing and multi-channel communications, creating an engaging two-way dialogue that is highly focused on the individual.

As online interactions become more complex and diverse, it becomes more difficult for marketers to track customers and gain insight across all the channels customers access. This is especially true for channels like social media, which are not controlled by centralized tools like a Web CMS. Limited visibility into these interactions makes it very challenging to engage in consistent and individualized dialogues. BlueConic attempts to address these needs.

The Product

BlueConic is a stand-alone product that is completely separate from GX Software’s existing solutions. The product is designed to support applications that do not rely on a content management system or that use technologies like Android and social media. The multi-platform strategy is intended to ensure users gain visibility into their customers’ details and behavior across all online channels -- not just those they control.

The solution stores data in a customer-specific profile that organizations can use to engage in real-time context sensitive interactions. The first release of BlueConic includes:

Learning Opportunities

  • cross-channel profiling
  • dynamic segmentation
  • real-time web dialogues
  • online communication tracking

Since the product centralizes this information, organizations will be able to share customer details across the enterprise. This is an improvement to segmented, single-perspective customer representations that vary by department or division in many organizations.


BlueConic cockpit

How Can You Get It

Organizations that want more information about BlueConic or wish to schedule a demo can contact Hans Willems, CMO at GX Software. Interested parties can also sign up for a dedicated customer introduction program. BlueConic pricing will be subscription-based and dependent on the number of active domains and channels required. The next release of the product is scheduled for New Year’s 2011.