Australia-based iGo2 Group has recently announced a partnership with InsideView, a provider of sales intelligence services. Under the partnership, iGo2 will be part of InsideView's Partner Program as a reseller and master agent. iGo2 will, in turn, resell the service to companies in APAC who intend to utilize InsideView's social intelligence suite.

Businesses in the Asia Pacific region have yet to start taking advantage of social networks. However, the region is regarded among the most active users of social media, both international and local social networks alike. Enterprises stand to benefit from this, and given the potential, social intelligence services in the region are keen on helping businesses grow through social media.

InsideView's (news, site) vice president of global alliances, Heidi Tucker, sees the partnership as mutually beneficial to both firms, and one that will benefit APAC businesses keen on improving their sales through social media. "Asia-Pacific countries have enthusiastically embraced the social media revolution, and there's a huge opportunity for InsideView to broaden the message of social selling in this market," she says.

Social Media: Big Potential in Business Growth

Corporate marketing departments and PR firms in the Asia Pacific region have started embracing social media as a springboard for engaging their target audience. However, sales teams have not been able to effectively utilize social media like social selling applications and social sales techniques. This is what iGo2 and InsideView plan to bring to the APAC market. iGo2's expertise is in consulting and full-service social media solutions. InsideView, meanwhile, provides social CRM applications with focus on building sales intelligence.

Social analytics are among the top concerns of APAC businesses in the short term. APAC IT investments are forecast to rise from 2011 onwards, and this will include investments in enterprise mobility and social analytics. Relative newcomers to social media will need to learn how to actively engage their target audience, which is beyond simply using social mediums for listening in to relevant social media discussions. This will mean actually generating conversions and sales leads from being part of the conversation.

Social Intelligence for Increased Sales Productivity

To this end, iGo2 plans to be aggressive in marketing InsideView to channel partners, according to CEO Michael Green.

We will actively recruit CRM VARs and Sales Effectiveness channel partners to more widely share the value InsideView delivers to companies seeking higher productivity and sales effectiveness, he says.

Social media use in APAC is a mixed bag. In some countries, local networks are preferred to generic social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, cultural nuances also prevail from country to country, which includes differences in use (gaming, collaboration, online dating). Whichever the case, social intelligence will benefit businesses wanting to push their products and services through social mediums.