Have you ever wanted to be the middle of a video? Now you can. This week, XS2TheWorld, a mobile marketing and branding specialist based in Amsterdam, launched 360° Video, a mobile app that puts the user at the center of moving video for the iPhone 4 and iPad.

See the World, Be in the Video

Much like the way 360-degree photo galleries let you experience a surrounding perspective, 360° Video acts by allowing the viewer to be in the middle of moving footage so they can look around the environment and interact with different elements such as text, images or links.

Maybe you’d like to ski down a mountain and experience the rush of the wind on all sides, or be in the middle of a live concert or conference to hear and feel the commotion and crowds around you. It’s like Second Life, only you’re not an avatar.


Picture it: You're skiing down a mountain. Feel the wind. Steady now. Fast. Controlled. (a 360° Video screenshot)

Create More Personal and Meaningful Experiences

Created in partnership with Transmission TX, suppliers of spherical and 360-degree video production facilities, consultancy and software, 360° Video builds upon existing frameworks to make it a viable mobile marketing platform. The hope is that, because 360° Video gives the user control over how they experience that world, it will create a more personal and meaningful experience, especially when viewed from devices such as the iPhone and iPad, which already provide a platform from which to engage.

If you’re having trouble relating 360° video to real-world marketing, look no further than Harley Davidson or BBC Behind the Scenes. XS2theworld and Transmission TX have already created interactive experiences using 360° Video technology.

Experiential video may not be for everyone, but the fact that the opportunity to be in the middle of it -- whatever it may be -- no matter where you are, lends itself to unlimited possibilities for consumers and users alike to explore the world around them, figuratively and literally.