Ingeniux Offers a new Mobile Web Portal Solution for Web Engagement

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Ingeniux (newssite) has always been a prominent supporter of mobile capabilities as part of web engagement management. Today the web content management vendor demonstrates that even more with the release of its new Mobile Web Portal and solution packages.

Integrated Mobile Capabilities

You could use separate mobile tools from your content management system to provide the mobile access to your content that your customers demand, but why go through that pain and bother? If you use Ingeniux Web CMS, then you need to get your hands on its new Mobile Web Portal solution.


The Mobile Web Portal integrates tightly with the Ingeniux Web CMS (see our review of Ingeniux 7) and its social software offering: Cartella. With this solution you do things such as:

  • Publish to multiple channels for multiple content types (WCM content, syndicated content, social networks, etc...)
  • Provide secure content, digital lockers and personalized services

The solution comes with a set of pre-built connectors to integrate with data from other business systems.


Ingeniux CMS Client Mobile Home

Mobile Solutions &  Packages

And in case you thought you would have to configure it all on your own, Ingeniux is offering a set of service packages to help you get the Dynamic Site Server to recognize and serve content to the different mobile devices that run on all the major platforms (Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7).

Learning Opportunities


Ingeniux Mobile view on iPhone

All the mobile packages included in this release are:

  • Mobile Quick Start: Includes device detection and web server redirects. This is good for organizations just getting started and needing to get the basic of web content management down.
  • Ingeniux Mobile Site: Provides a mobile website solution.
  • Ingeniux Mobile Portal: A personalized and secure mobile portal, including a Digital Locker solution.
  • Mobile Deep Linking: Mobile Optimization services that deliver a mobile view of any page requested via search engines, social media sites or email campaigns while maintaining the original website URL.

Any web content management system used today needs to support mobile access. These new solutions and packages for the Ingeniux Web CMS are probably being praised by its customers.

Using the Web Layers Strategy

Ingeniux's Mobile Web Solution uses the Web Layers Strategy David Hillis describes in a recent article:

The first layer is your standard xHTML output for the PC, the secondlayer is the HTML5 mobile optimized pages that will deliver thefront-end of your site, the third layer is the xHTML “mobile OK” outputthat will support your articles pages as well as alternate views of yourcover and index pages for older devices.

The key is to understand clearly what you need to do -- your mobile strategy -- and put in place the tools and technology to support that strategy, If you are using Ingeniux Web CMS, your technical options just got even better.