Sitecore Integrates WCM and CRM
The website should not exist as a separate entity. It needs to be integrated into the business to provide customers with more targeted, personalized experiences. Sitecore (newssite) has recently completed the integration of its Web CMS and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do just that.

Making Use of Customer and Prospect Data 

There is a gold mine of information on prospects and customers stored within your CRM system. And we've written a great deal on how you need to integrate that data with your web content management system to provide a user experience that is more personalized.

Likewise, sales people can learn a lot from the interactions happening on the website, and having detailed analytics -- whether known or anonymous, can help them provide better service.

Sitecore understands the whole "customer engagement" experience. After all, their Online Marketing Suite brings together web analytics, marketing automation and web content management to offer these personalize customer experiences.

Dynamics CRM and Sitecore Web CMS

Now they have taken it a step further by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Sitecore CMS. 

Your website is often the first point of entry for prospective customers and influencers. Capturing intelligence on their online behavior is critical to targeting audiences and creating more engaging experiences,” said Jean-Paul Gomes, vice president of global strategic alliances, Sitecore. “The minute you connect Web visitors to information stored in your CRM system, you can tie campaigns to revenue, the ‘Holy Grail’ for any marketer.”

Sitecore Web CMS integrates with Dynamics CRM v3 or v4. The integration provides the CRM system with up to date information on prospects and customer activity on the website. It also enables the automatic creation of new customers and prospects based on the completion of registration forms on the website or activity in campaigns.

You can even be sure that your customer and prospect data is up to date, as users update their email or contact information via website forms, with the help of Sitecore Web CMS Forms for Marketers.

CRM or Website: Which Comes First

If the website is most often the first point of contact for a prospect, then having an automatic integration between the website and the CRM system seems absolutely necessary. Otherwise you may be duplicating prospects and/or having different contact information for customers.

The integration should also help you create a more targeted, personalized experience for a website visitor based on information stored about them in the CRM.

If you aren't integrating your CRM with your website, it's probably time to start thinking about how you do that. If you are a Sitecore customer, then this is an update that you need to start using.