It's not wise to build your solution and walk away, you need to be constantly adding new features and functionality based on market demands. Social Software provider, Lithium (news, site), has laid out its plans for continued renewal in its new Lithium.Now program.

Lithium Adds Monthly Updates

Most software vendors do update their solutions, some on a well refined schedule. This is what Lithium has announced today with Lithium.Now (pronounced Lithium-dot-now) -- a regularly scheduled monthly update to the Lithium Social Customer Suite.

Using the Lithium Studio, a self-service web development tool, organizations can receive monthly updates, but only deploy them to their customers when they choose. So new functionality is available, but doesn't have to be turned on.

In addition, some features come in multiple versions giving organizations several options to choose from. For example, feature such as Kudos, Forums and Idea Exchange are available in different versions and are customizable.

Says Lyle Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of Lithium. 

We are now seeing the social world change so fast, we need to be even faster. It’s our decision to have a major functional release every month but it’s in our clients’ hands how to most powerfully deploy it to their customers.”

Some of the more recent updates Lithium has provided its customers include:

  • Advanced moderation controls, including a multi-step pre-publication workflow
  • New Engagement Center metrics for Facebook and Twitter
  • Support for authentication through OpenID
  • An entirely new administrative user interface

The Benefits of SaaS

Regular updates are common for both on-premise and SaaS-based software, but SaaS offers more flexibility in terms of when and how updates are applied. Lithium says its model is one step beyond SaaS thanks to its development studio.

Lithium Social Customer Suite is a SaaS solution offering a wide range of capabilities including a strong focus on community engagement, social media monitoring and more. It is listed as a leader in Forrester's Wave for Community Platforms.