Lucid Imagination (news, site), the commercial provider of services and support for Solr/Lucene, has opened its search for presenters for the second Lucene Revolution conference, scheduled for May 25-26 in San Francisco. The annual Lucene Revolution, the largest U.S. conference focused on open source enterprise search, brings together developers and industry thought leaders to discuss the use of Solr/Lucene.

The Appeal of Solr/Lucene

Lucene and Solr are open source search technologies distributed by Apache (news, site) that offer an appealing alternative to commercial offerings. Lucene, the Java-based full-text search library (API) that provides the foundation for Solr, has continuously grown in popularity since its initial release over a decade ago. The free open source tool has a large and active community and powers search applications in organizations of all sizes from small startups to industry giants such as Apple, IBM and Wikipedia.

Solr, the server layer on top of Lucene, makes it even easier to use the Lucene search library. Solr transforms Lucene from a low-level API into a full-featured search server that allows sophisticated search applications to be created with little or no coding.

Organizations have found that Solr/Lucene offers provides an impressive list of features such as faceted search, system administration tools and exposed web services interfaces that compete with more expensive commercial offerings.

The Conference

This is the second year for the Lucene Revolution. Last year’s event included more than 300 attendees and almost 50 speakers from organizations like LinkedIn and that have embraced open source search. Building on the success of last year, Lucid Imagination expects this year’s conference to be even larger, given the growing popularity and adoption of open source by organizations of all types.

Lucene Revolution is targeted at individuals currently using or considering Apache Lucene/Solr or Lucid Imagination’s LucidWorks Enterprise for enterprise search. The two-day conference will feature technical deep-dives, user case studies, panels and networking opportunities. Attendees will:

  • Hear the experiences of existing users of Lucene/Solr
  • Meet key contributors driving design and development of Lucene and Solr
  • Hear about the latest and future developments in Lucene and Solr technology
  • Discover strategies for leveraging Lucene and Solr technology
  • Develop relationships and network with other users and share challenges and best practices
  • Get introduced to complementary technologies
  • Meet commercial vendors offering Lucene and  Solr products and services
  • Discuss topics ranging from using Solr in the cloud, scalability and performance tuning to Solr/Lucene for mobile applications

Additionally, preceding the conference, Lucid Imagination is offering two days of intensive hands-on training on Solr/ Lucene on May 23 and 24.

Registration for the conference is now open and has early bird pricing until April 4. Individuals wishing to make a proposal for a 45-minute presentation at Lucene Revolution can answer Lucid Imagination’s call for participation before March 2. Lucid Imagination will notify speakers of presentation acceptance on March 9.

Additional details regarding the conference are available on the Lucid Revolution site.