Meltwater Buzz is a SaaS social media monitoring solution that will provide you with plenty of insight into how your brand is perceived across the social web. Today, a new module has been added that takes this process a step further and integrates Social CRM capabilities.

Meltwater Buzz and JitterJam

Meltwater acquired JitterJam, a Social CRM product, in March. Today we see the first solution that integrates the JitterJam capabilities into the Meltwater Buzz social media monitoring solution. The new module is called Meltwater Buzz Engage and here's what it offers:

Social Profile

Build social profiles of people that interact with your brand, including Twitter, Facebook, blog comments and more. This profile can give you a 360 degree view of your customers by pulling together all the public profiles of the person into a single location, a social graph that identifies all their various social identities and all communication history and notes.

social profile-sentiment.jpg

Meltwater Buzz Engage - Social Profile

In addition you can analyze and rank people:

  • Social activity analysis
  • Jitterator Social Rating --tells you important the person is to your brand (currently this is not configurable, but will be in future versions)
  • Brand sentiment score and sentiment by message

You can also send messages to the contact via Facebook or Twitter and add them to a Twitter list. Profiles can be pulled automatically or created manually.

Social Inbox

The Social Inbox pulls together all your direct conversations into one place, allowing you to easily take action. You can sort your email by date, author, rank and impressions.

From your inbox you can view the detailed profile of an author, engage with them and write notes/assign tasks.

There's also workflow capabilities to direct actions to the right people, including to people who don't use the system (via email actions).

Social Calendar

The social calendar allows you to view your outbound communications by day or month. This includes tweets, Facebook notes and more -- both sent and scheduled. So it's similar to what you get in an app like co-tweet.


Meltwater Buzz Engage - Social Calendar

You can also view metrics for each message such as how many clicks it had, comments or impressions, as well as activity by channel.

Mapping Conversations to Locations

Meltwater Buzz Engagement is a multi-lingual solution that is both global, but also local. One feature in the module which is pretty cool is the visualization map that shows you at a glance where social activity is happening for your brand.


Meltwater Buzz Engage - Geo Location Map

You can click on areas and drill down into further locations and then into social activity details for a selected area.

Monitor and Engage

It's obvious the simply monitoring what is happening on the social web is not enough. You also need tools in place that enable you to easily engage with the people who are talking about you and to you. That's the key to this new module, giving both the information you need and a way to interact with it.

The new module is available now, you can learn all about in their website.