Marketers are going all-out to link their adverts to your mobile, and Mobiletag is working on ways to make it easier. With 6.6 million euros in funding, expect big things.

Breaking the Code

We've all seen those funny squares on street adverts, product boxes and in other places. They're called QR codes and the theory is you take a photo of one and can get more information on whatever product that is. So, cinema times for a movie, offers on shampoo, cheap flights, samplers for an album, whatever can be gotten by taking a photo of a code, rather than entering convoluted web addresses that you'll probably forget.

However, QR codes, while big in some countries -- notably Japan -- haven't really had the impact that mobile marketers would hope. Mobiletag, a French company, has been working on this problem with other barcode formats including 1D codes (regular packaging barcodes) to address the issue.

Its recent win of a 6.6 million euro investment will help it expand in the American market where there are lots of potential clients and end users for web engagement. It is also looking at NFC technology to save users the trouble of even taking a photo.

There's an App for That

With free apps for iPhones, Android, Ovi and Windows Phones, Mobiletag users can scan the major types of barcode and provide the information to the user. Different tags can perform different tasks, such as ring a number, send a text or just feed information to the user. This can be adjusted by the client company using a back-end system.


Find content, prices and information at a snap

Mobiletag comes in by helping marketers create different types of content tags appropriate to their markets. As well as for marketing purposes, clients can also create tags that act as business cards -- another method of attracting people to your site or business.

While there are plenty of other players and similar free apps in the market, Mobiletag's move into NFC could be interesting, but the company is light on details about this development. Hopefully we'll hear more from them soon.