Stefan Marsland, manager of global digital strategy at Aprimo led us through the Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution at the Online Marketing Summit today.Though he may have only been at Aprimo for three weeks, he has spent more than 4 years using Aprimo’s digital marketing strategies and integrated marketing software. As a result, Marsland was able to lend his insight about the company’s strategies from a marketer’s perspective, making it particularly applicable to the audience.

Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution

While seemingly straightforward, the Ten Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution include strategies that companies can integrate all at once or piece meal. As well, they can use them to target end users, marketers and in-house sales teams.

From measuring the engagement of your company’s campaign to providing customers with the information they need when they need it, Marsland’s imperatives all work to streamline a company’s marketing workflow, while helping them to stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Marketing Must be Accountable
  2. CMO Must be the Change Agent
  3. Let Go! Let consumers control your brand.
  4. Engage Customers with Conversations
  5. Free your content
  6. Integrate and Innovate online & offline
  7. Be mobile, be everywhere, be relevant
  8. Tear down the silos
  9. Automate the Science of Marketing
  10. Be maniacal, Prove ROI

Marsland also advocates keeping marketing in house, as in not outsourcing marketing to others outside the company. Letting marketing campaigns come from within will help you stay true to your messaging and brand.

Ultimately, companies must understand that conventional methods have shifted, and must they adapt and transition as a result. By implementing approaches and budgeting systematically, you can adapt strategically and grow!