OpenText Partners With VML to Deliver Integrated Customer Experience Management
Enterprise content management provider OpenText (news, site) has announced an alliance with digital marketing agency VML, which will allow customers to work with one team to implement their customer experience management (CEM) solution.

OpenText, VML Integrate Teams, Customer Experience

The rapid adoption of technologies such as mobile and social networking has affected the world of marketing. To remain competitive, organizations must provide consistent messaging, branding and customer interaction across their digital channels, which can be challenging. OpenText is embracing this challenge.

It expanded beyond its content management roots to deliver a platform for customer experience management. Over the last two years, OpenText has introduced and integrated tools such as web content management, semantic search, analytics, media management, social and mobile technologies that enable marketers to better understand and more deeply engage with customers, and allowing OpenText to position itself as a leader in the CEM market.

Now the company is going a step further. Today, the company announced an alliance with VML. The partnership combines OpenText’s CEM technology platform for marketing agencies with VML’s implementation and creative skills to provide an end-to-end solution for CEM, which many companies are currently piecing together for themselves.

Today’s announcement doesn’t represent the start of a new relationship for OpenText and VML. The two companies have a well-established relationship that consists of many shared customers. According to OpenText’s partner directory, VML has been using OpenText Web Content Management products since 2004. Despite the long-term relationship, it was not a formal alliance until today. The new agreement encompasses business development, consulting, development, implementation, technical training and customer support.

The new alliance is likely to be beneficial to both OpenText and VML. VML will gain deeper access to OpenText’s suite of tools -- one of the most comprehensive and most integrated in the market. OpenText will gain access to VML creative and marketing customer base, which includes some of the largest and most recognized brands in existence.

With so many new vendors entering the CEM space, OpenText is wise to be developing products and alliances that will help it continue to differentiate itself in the market. Does your organization currently have a CEM initiative underway? Are you considering OpenText as a vendor or creating your best-of-breed platform with products from multiple vendors? We would love to hear from you.