For those organizations who deal daily not just with the needs of a mobile customer base, but one that's spread across continents and countries, Tridion 2011 (newssite), coupled with SDL SmartTarget (also newly released today), can deliver the right experience.

Managing the Online Experience

Tridion  2011 is an enterprise level platform for organizations who need to manage a global online experience. This release has all the capabilities needs to support a cross-channel, personalized experience that is multilingual and localized.

As Robert Carroll, CMO North America, SDL explained to us in an interview, it's about global engagement and local targets. He said that relevancy drives conversion and this can happen anytime, anywhere through any channel. Which pretty much sums up what every organization wants, but isn't necessarily ready to deliver.

So what's new with Tridion 2011?

Enhanced Mobile Delivery

You have the option with Tridion to deliver mobile websites or create mobile applications. We've seen this with other WCM vendors (CoreMedia for one), not all organizations want to create mobile applications for all the major smartphones on the market. Sometimes, with the help of device detection, it's just as easy to develop rich web-based mobiles sites.

Tridion 2011 offers the ability to create mobile websites and see how they will look prior to publishing out with an in context preview. For mobile applications they offer a set of REST-based web services that use other open standards, such as oData, to bring content into the application.

Online Marketing Explorer

Also new in 2011 is the Online Marketing Explorer, which is a centralized tool for managing your digital campaigns. In many ways this is similar to CoreMedia 6,'s new Marketing Studio and Alterian Alchemy. Designed for marketing to create and manage campaigns from the templates, to analysis to reporting to modifying the campaign on the fly.

The biggest differentiator here is that Tridion is a global solution, so you can create localized versions of templates and execution rules.


Extensibility and Usability Improvements

Tridion 2011 includes a number of usability enhancements which should improve productivity. In addition, Tridion 2011 is cross-browser complaint (HTML 5 is used), so you aren't tied to a specific browser or operating system.

A focus on open standards means that you can work extend and enhance the experience without worrying about languages supported. You can extend the interface not only by modifying look and feel, but also by integrating data and content from 3rd party systems.

The new Ambient Data Framework also you to take in and distribute customer data from other systems, in the context of the customer's session (including Oracle, Omniture and other systems).


Personalization is Critical

The newest version of SDL's personalization product, SmartTarget, has also been released today. Although priced separately, it's a key component, used in conjunction with SDL Tridion to deliver highly personalized experiences. SmartTarget includes both implicit and explicit personalization.

For the IT Professional

For the IT professional it's also important to note a simple upgrade process and a streamlined, wizard-like installation for new clients. Support of open standards is also top of mind for many IT folks who are tasked with integrating various external systems into the WCMS. Support for both CA SiteMinder and IBM Tivoli Access Manager security solutions is also included.

Tridion 2011 is offered as both an on-premise and SaaS solution (management and/or delivery), and IT can easily set up storage rules to push content to external locations like a CDS.

Pervasive Engagement Management

Every vendor is going to add their own unique twist to the web engagement/web experience terms floating around the web, SDL is no exception. SDL's customers are managing global brands across channels and devices.

Tridion 2010 is a leader in both Gartner and Forrester WCM lists, and there's little doubt that will not continue with Tridion 2011.