Our expert adventures in Social CRM ran strong again this week with input on everything from the heart of the concept to its impact on content management.  

  • Social CRM's Impact on Content Management.This month our experts are focused on Social CRM. A good place to start reading if your not sure what the term even means is Social CRM: Revolutionary or Evolutionary?. Once we have decided what Social CRM is, then we can decide if it has any potential impact on content management technologies, and content management professionals.
  • Social CRM: Is It Really That Complex?. Just about every organization is considering a Social CRM strategy. The trouble is, they are also fighting over who controls it. Let's start with how Sales can benefit.
  • Tying the Outside to the Inside: Social CRM + E2.0, the Social Business. Social CRM and programs that deal with the “social customer” are the new “black” this year. And why not, every business wants to get closer to its customers, right? The question is, is your organization ready to be social?
  • Should “Social” Come to the CIO? If you were the CIO of a corporation would you be worrying about or at least focusing on social? Why or why not? I explore that question and speak with a few folks on the topic, the answers may surprise you.
  • Social Profiles as the Heart of a Social CRM. In this article I’ll focus on the heart of a Social CRM system — the social profile — that is the knowledge base, the consumer data that provides the intelligence to drive action, interaction and value from the outreach, engagement, marketing and service activities surrounding the implementation and use of a consumer Social CRM system.