Our flame for Social CRM continued to burn bright this week, thanks to a sprinkling of gracious experts. Read on to find out about strategy, and why Social CRM is a buzzword we can't afford.

  • Social CRM is a Buzzword, But We Can't Afford to Ignore Its Meaning. I had the privilege of speaking at the Attensity Engage conference on a Social CRM panel alongside Jeff Nolan (the VP of product marketing for Get Satisfaction), Carlos Diaz (the CEO of Bluekiwi) and Rick Fleischman (the senior director of CRM solution marketing at SAP). Big thanks to Maria and the entire Attensity team for having us. We covered a lot of interesting points during the panel so I will do my best to summarize them here.

  • 6 Steps to Develop an Enterprise Social CRM Strategy. Getting started with Social CRM can be a daunting proposition, particularly for those organizations just taking their first steps on the path. In previous articles, I walked through two enterprise use cases for Social CRM, but a good portion of the feedback and comments boiled down to, “this all sounds great, but how do we even begin to foster such robust Social CRM capabilities at our organization when we’ve got nothing in place now?” As with just about any enterprise capability, the answer is “good planning and consistent execution” — easier said than done, right?

  • The Convergence of Social CRM and Content: How Your Content Optimization Strategy Must Adapt. Evaluating the value of the content on your website is no longer as simple as tracking views. You need to enable the social experience your customer is expecting and measure its impact in your business objectives. Here's how.

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