Social CRM was last month's focus, but y'all loved it so much we decided to let it spill over into December. This week we've got expert advice by the scenario, as well as social predictions for 2011.

  • Blake's 2011 Forecast: Social with a Chance of Cloud. A Manhattanite turned San Franciscan; this holiday season I replace my Times Square disco ball with a Silicon Valley crystal ball. Below I list a cornucopia of eleven predictions that span the crossroads of customer service, marketing and management. With the recent headlines on the WikiLeaks, North Korea and Ireland’s financial straits, I’m “feeling lucky” on this Wintry post-poultry night to be reporting on the social business landscape for 2011 and not from UN Headquarters. Get out your champagne glass….

  • 4 Social Customer Engagement Scenarios. Chances are that if your organization is involved in social customer engagement that it can be grouped into one of four scenarios. But what are these scenarios and what exactly do they mean?

  • Scoping Social CRM. In my last post 6 Steps to Develop an Enterprise Social CRM Strategy, I laid out an approach for developing an enterprise Social CRM strategy. In this post, I want to drill down a bit into step #2 from that post, Determine the Scope of Social CRM, and provide some details on how to undertake this important work at your organization.

  • Achieving the Social Business, Inside and Out. For the past few years, companies have been exploring initiatives internally and externally that dance around the notion of “social” methods for engaging all of the people in an enterprise ecosystem — to bring about better results for these companies. These social methods have been described with terminology such as “enterprise 2.0”, “social computing”, “web 2.0”, “social media”, and so on. The evolution of these social methods has led now to another term: the Social Business.

  • Achieving the Social Business, Inside and Out, Part 2. Part 2 discusses the “Social Business-Outside” and how enterprises must have both social inside and out to derive the most from the human ecosystem that is so essential to successful companies.

  • Enterprise 2.0 Best Practice: Unite Internal Collaboration with External Communication. Any way you slice it, E2.0 is going to be different for everyone. And that’s OK. However, there is a common thread emerging as a best practice: getting internal and external collaboration functioning under the same umbrella.