Squiz (news, site) UK has launched a private cloud to support customers who want a fully managed and supported environment for their Squiz Web Experience Management (WEM) Suite.

WEM as a Service

They aren't the first to provide a hosted environment for WEM and they won't be the last, but Squiz UK does understand the need for many organizations to provide access to Web Experience -- or Web Engagement -- Management capabilities easily.

The Squiz private cloud uses CA Technologies' 3Tera AppLogic cloud computing platform and offers the Squiz WEM Suite as a SaaS service on it. Customers who use the hosted Squiz suite can also publish their websites and web applications within the hosted environment.

Some of the features of the new hosted platform:

  • Automated Healing & High Availability -- full system redundancy with automated healing
  • Scaling and Easy Upgrades -- the ability to upgrade your services to handle higher demand
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 Health Monitoring -- including all cloud hardware, Database, Web & Network services
  • Managed Backup Services
  • Carrier-Grade Network & Transit
  • Use of a public content delivery network to serve low-risk content fast, regardless of the end-user's geographic location
  • Squiz Client Services & Support -- The Squiz team have many years of experience and relevant expertise

In addition, you can host third party applications within the Squiz cloud that integrate with your Squiz suite.

The Squiz Suite

The Squiz Suite is a fully supported web engagement suite built on open source technologies.


Squiz Suite for WEM

As you can see from the diagram above it offers a complete web content management system, analytics and search capabilities in addition to providing an application integration layer to pretty much any external or internal application you need to work with.

The Squiz Private Cloud launched today.